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HOG International Academy welcomes students from Thailand and all ASEAN countries, providing a diverse and inclusive learning environment. By bringing together students from different backgrounds and cultures, the programme fosters cross-cultural understanding, global perspectives, and international friendships. With a curriculum designed to meet the needs of ASEAN students, the programme also offers a unique opportunity for academic excellence, personal growth, and a truly enriching international high-school experience.

Admission Requirements

Students must meet the following criteria:

Graduated secondary education Matthayom 3 / Grade 9 / Year 10 and 15 years old

Minimum English proficiency IELTS 5.0 or TOEFL iBT 35 or equivalent

Minimum Mathematics competency SAT 400 or equivalent

These requirements ensure that students entering the programme have the necessary academic foundation and language skills to thrive in the international high school environment where English is the medium of instruction.

How to Apply

Eligible students can apply on-site at the school or online through our website.

Supporting documents must be submitted, including:

  1. ID photo
  2. Proof of previous education
  3. Language proficiency
  4. Math proficiency

Students with no proficiency score can request the school’s admission test for free of charge.


Download the application form


Fill the application form


The program is 18 months long.

Our students graduate with internationally recognised high-school equivalent certificates, critical life skills, and potential university credits.

Yes, students can earn transferable credits recognised by our partnered universities in Thailand and abroad.

See more detail about university partnerships

For the quality of education, accelerated completion, affordable and reasonable tuition and fees, international recognition, and robust curriculum.

See more detail about the program

You can apply for a Non-Immigrant Education Visa (ED) from the nearest Thai embassy or consulate. The school will provide necessary documentation for the application if requirements are met. We also assist students in finding suitable accommodation. Our student services team guides students through various options, including dormitories and approved off-campus housing, to ensure comfortable and affordable living arrangements.

We collaborate with local authorities to ensure our students fulfil their military training requirements.

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